Our Services

Architectural Design

DSA’s Architectural Design services are spearheaded by award-winning Chief Architect AlaEddin Mansour, alongside a talented team of vibrant and progressive individuals. The Department of Architecture brings together the requests, requirements, and most often, the dreams of clients, into timeless designs of sound architectural constructs.

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Formed to complement our architectural creations, the Department of Engineering is made up of distinguished and equally passionate engineers, with longstanding track records, and diversified experiences in Civil Design, Site Supervision, and Contract Administration.

Structural Design

Through their extensive and diversified experience, our structural engineers help our architects in realizing their aspirations in the most structurally stable and feasible manner, and without any compromise to the architecture –in other words; matching our unconventional architecture rather than distorting it to suite the conventional.

Each project is thoroughly analyzed and tested against all possibilities, until a structural system is reached and designed to fulfill all aspects of stability, practicality, and feasibility, whilst implementing the latest in construction technology.

Site Supervision

Seeing through sound and on-point construction is equally important to and goes hand-in-hand with architectural, structural, and interior design.
DSA’s Site Supervision Unit comprises select engineers to see through all design implementations within the set quality control standards, technical, and safety specifications.

Master Planning

The broad and long-standing experience of DSA’s founding architects, AlaEddin and Manar, which has developed over years of involvement in planning for numerous multi-function, multi-use, and mega projects, adds great value to the Team’s track record in taking on the master planning function of large-scale projects. In Bahrain, such experience includes the Master Plan for Amwaj Islands in Muharraq by AlaEddin as he was the lead master planner for the project, as well as the Royal University of Women, in Riffa.

In addition, Manar having been a planner and member of the Higher Council for Planning in Jordan, adds unique expertise to DSA’s Master Planning function. She was directly involved in studying and preparing master plans for small clusters and villages, in addition to initiating modifications on detailed master plans for final approval by the Council.

Conservation and Renovation

DSA’s offering of the full spectrum of conservation and renovation services, from consultations, project management, and finished constructs, is primarily supported by the long-standing and very unique experience of Co-Founder and Managing Director Manar Sirriyeh.

Embarking on her fourth decade of work experience in the field, starting out in Jordan and continuing in Bahrain, Manar has prepared strategies and plans related to the development of traditional areas such as the site of Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House, in Bahrain.

She was also the coordinator of restoration and renovation of three traditional houses in Muharraq and the project manager for restoring a palace in Sakhir. In addition to managing the “Conservation of the Traditional Buildings” project in the Kingdom.

In Jordan, Manar worked on the National Register for the Traditional Buildings. She drafted the regulations for conserving these buildings. She has also worked on the Public Awareness Program in addition to drafting the building regulations to be applied within the traditional areas. She also played a key role in the establishment of the Jordanian National Heritage buildings Registrar in the 90s.