International Awards

Ala Eddin was named ‘World’s Best’ where he competed against the best property professionals from Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Africa, Arabia and the UK to win both the titles of ‘Best in Arabia’ and ‘World’s Best’ – the highest accolades in the property industry, with his project.







A Notion¬†for Craftsmanship…

Design Studio – Architects (DSA) is a get-together of architectural talent. We provide a boutique one-stop-shop experience, welcoming onboard architects and other engineers from various style backgrounds, who uphold our standards for stunning, practical and timeless design.

Founded in 2011, DSA was a culmination of the journey of architects Ala Eddin Mansour and Manar Sirriyeh. With over 3 decades of experience, the collaboration of founders with a team comprising resident architects, engineers, interior designers, and rooted affiliations, enables the Studio to provide awe-inspiring designs, first-rate consultancy, and expert executions across the full architectural spectrum.

Through knowledge, collaboration and inclusion, DSA aims to continuously partake in adding to and elevating the architectural content in the region and worldwide, leaving a mark that infuses aesthetics and culture with timeless architecture.

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