About Us

DSA is a get-together of architectural talent.

Founded in Bahrain in 2011, DSA is the culmination of a 30-year journey of two architects AlaEddin Mansour and Manar Sirriyeh. Their collaboration with their team comprising resident architects, engineers, interior designers, and rooted affiliations, has enabled them to provide awe-inspiring, award-winning designs along with first-rate consultancy, and expert executions across the full architectural spectrum.

We provide a boutique one-stop-shop experience, welcoming onboard architects, designers, and engineers from various style backgrounds, who uphold our standards for stunning, practical and timeless design.

Our Mission

Through knowledge, collaboration and inclusion, DSA aims to continuously partake in adding to and elevating architectural content in the Bahrain and beyond, leaving a mark that infuses aesthetics and culture with timeless architecture.

Our Vision

To host an assembly point where exceptional architects, engineers, designers, and clients alike, can fully engage in exchanging their knowledge of design and construction. Through that we strive to reach the optimal balance of visual art and functionality. We aim to offer an outstanding experience to a client base that, as a result of working with us, develop a broader understanding of architecture and can pass on the knowledge to their peers.

Key Personnel

Manar Sirriyeh

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ala Eddin Mansour

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Aseel Mansour

Interior Designer

Our Affiliates

Indus Architects PLLC is a small business enterprise which performs building exterior envelope assessment and repair documents. Indus can tailor services to the individual Client’s needs.

Studio Architettura Design Barbara Pizzi offers astonishing European products to clients throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The work of the Studio merges architecture and design, constantly looking for remote worlds to be explored with our customers.