Manar Sirriyeh

Manar has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Yarmouk University in Jordan, class of 1985, and since then has been a member of the Jordan Engineers Association. She is also a Grade A Member of CRPEP in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Manar is the captain of the DSA ship, managing all aspects of the business since its inception in 2011, for the smooth sailing of all operations and within all departments. Her multi-faceted skill set goes beyond directing business strategy and the meticulous attention to management and HR.

She is the trusted second pair of eyes to DSA-produced designs, and with her background in urban planning, renovation, and conservation, she brings forth an advantageous stream into the variety and complexity of projects that can be handled under the DSA roof.

Upon graduation, Manar worked for 15 years at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the Environment in Jordan, where she was Senior Urban Planner of the Higher Council for Planning and the Senior Architect of the Department of Services and Engineering Works.

In that time she had also been appointed at the Directorate of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the Environment for the Capital Governorate as Acting Head of Urban Planning Unit. Manar was the Head of the Architectural Heritage Unit and the Conservation Architect of the Department of Urban and Town Planning, throughout the last 5 years of her service.

Manar kicked off her career in Bahrain in 2002 and has since been appointed as:

  • Project Manager at Gulf House Engineering
  • Research Specialist for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture
  • Technical Advisor of the Culture and National Heritage Sector of the Ministry of Information
  • Projects Director at Shaikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Research

Once the Strategic Planning Advisor for the Minister’s Office of the Ministry of Culture and Information in 2009, Manar continued part-time her role as the Projects Director at Shaikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Research.

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