Ala Eddin Mansour

AlaEddin has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Yarmouk University, class of 1985, as well as a High Diploma in Demographic Studies from the University of Jordan, class of 1988.

He has been a member of the Jordan Engineers Association since graduation. He is also a Grade A Member of The Council for Regulating the Practice of Engineering Professions (CRPEP), in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As the Chief Architect at DSA, AlaEddin is the leading designer of a multitude of various buildings from private residences to large-scale multi-purpose venues. Most clients and prospects know him by name and seek his particular expertise and art form to spearhead the designs of their varied work and living spaces.

Driven by a rich and inspiring journey which began under the mentorship of renowned architect Rasem Badran, AlaEddin seeks to be that support to young architects and visionaries through his firm, by employing these young talents, and guiding and empowering them in manifesting their architectural identities and impact on the inhabited and visual environment.

Milestone Projects

  • Qasr Al Hokm (Justice Palace) – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Al Tameer Commercial and Residential Complex – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Museum of Islamic Art – Qatar
  • Royal University for Women – Kingdom of Bahrain
  • High-density apartment buildings – West Busaiteen, Bahrain


  • Design management, planning and coordination
  • Management of design teams for large-scale multi-function projects with multi-discipline consultants
  • Long track record in the GCC
  • Analysis of conceptual and detailed design
  • Cost-benefit-feasibility analysis

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