Aseel Mansour

Aseel is a young designer with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of Bahrain, class of 2013.

She is a highly creative individual with an ever-growing interest in materials and a broad understanding of building requirements and interior spaces.

Aseel is passionate about interior design and has been seizing opportunities to refine her craft long before graduating. She has attended several workshops and worldwide exhibitions as well as trained at various interior design firms.

Aseel designed a cardholder and bookcase product as part of the Kashida workshop at Nuqat’s Lost City of Arabesque conference in Kuwait. Her design has been chosen, produced, and sold at Nuqat Kuwait Conference 2013 under the theme “Executing Culture Shock”.

The product is currently being sold at Kashida in Lebanon.

Parallel to interior design, Aseel is a headstrong fashion icon. She has designed and produced several pieces to date. Watch this space – we are!

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